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Arrow's Wind (The Healing Touch)

An emotional journey to overcome tragic events and following your heart.

The king’s new law says I must marry two men by my twenty-first birthday, but I am not sticking around for that. I am leaving Star Kingdom and my family behind, heading for the mountains to live a life in solitude for a change. No more dodging the brushes of men in the crowded streets of busy city life.

That is what I want until Arrow shows up and follows me. He knows what I’ve been through and unlike others, he has always kept his distance. The more I am with Arrow, the safer I feel, but the nightmares from my past never go away. They continuously feed my fears of getting close to a man.

I never intended to stay in Star Kingdom as long as I did. That is until one night my friend welcomes me into his home, and I meet Jenna. Instantly my soul takes to her, but Jenna will have nothing to do with me. When I find out why, I vow nothing like that will happen again.

The new law pushes Jenna to leave. My home village is where she seeks to start over, and it is time for me to return as well. Along the way, I hope I can show her how to let go of her fears. That I will stand by her, protect her, and if she can let me in, love her.

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