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20- 19 Gina Manis A

There is nothing else on the market that I have found comes close to the world I have built in it. I am so excited to see what everyone thinks when it comes out and I do plan to do a rapid release of it with one book a month for 2021.

In 2021, I will be starting The Earth Mage to my Chosen Kings series. I haven’t even begun to write it yet, but I have it all lined up and ready to go. First, I have to complete the Wind Mage this year and it will lead you into the next, but still they are all standalone stories and can be read separately.


Another series of mine, the first book I have ever written, I plan to work on also but not alone. My dear friend and author, Elle Ray Wythe, will join me in finishing it up. I will admit, I got a little lost in it, but I am sure Elle can bring it back and we can finish together. Hopefully, you will see it also in 2021, and it is called The Enlightens Quest Series.


On top of this, I plan to write some standalone novels to go with the Elemental Books I’ve been writing. Arrow’s Wind is the first in this collection, and I am not sure how many I will do. I want to write at least one standalone for each of the elements.  


The Fifth Element is also another standalone, I will tackle next year, and I know several of my readers are all looking forward to it. First, I have to finish up my work for this year, and I will be on it because I can’t wait to get into it myself. It will be my first pirate adventure.


I have several works in progress, my largest as of now is the series I am wanting to release in 2021, The Divine Concubine. I love this story and is the second book I started to write, so it has a special place in my heart. Since it is one of my earliest pieces, the editing process on it is taking longer. I have grown in my writing this last year and I do not intend to put it out there until I know it will be a success and I am sure it will be.


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