June 3, 2021


    June is finally here!

    I love June, and one reason is because this month is my birthday! I am not a spring chick anymore, but I don't care. I was born in 1978, grew up in the 80s and 90s, where style, music, movies, all shaped me. A time where recycling was important, and a payphone was still a thing. I tell myself one day, I will write a story of growing up with my friends on the backwater of the Coosa River. God, I miss them all so much. I better get to it before I get too old and forget those fun times.

    This month, I am going to be celebrating my birthday in my reader's group, Gina's Elemental Reverse Harem. We are going to go through the 80s, and 90s and share some things I did growing up. I want to hear all about your times as well, so join if you're not already a member and lets get to know each other.

    Since it is my birthday, I am sharing with you today the birth of me becoming a writer. Below is the first book and series I published, and it is still a work in progress. Find out below the plans I have for it moving into a new year. Growing as an author, I find this series is having to grow with me. Trust me when I say, I read your reviews and listen.

    This year I have focused my time on writing some standalone novels and building in different areas of my writing from emotional connections, character development, action and adventure, and even working more with plotting. All this, I hope will help me with two series I plan to publish in 2022. They are already written but I have lots of editing to do since they were the first two projects I ever wrote. Both are close to my heart, and I want to do them justice with the final project. That is what I am looking forward to in the future.

    You can always catch up with me and where I was in my last newsletter here. https://www.ginamanis.com/blog

    Thank you so much for joining me this week. I want to know who else has a birthday this month so respond to this email and you may just get a present from me.

    Warm Regards,
    Gina Manis
         Reverse Harem Standalone Novels      
    The Elemental Chronicles
    The Water Princess was the first book I ever published and back then, I had no idea what I was doing. Two years later, I have found my confidence as a writer and I am working on rewriting this series and fixing all those mistakes I started with. Book 1 already has its 2nd edition and I am working on Book 2, The Stolen Princess now. I am excited to get it done and get it out to you all.
    Some of the work I am doing to The Stolen Princess is building the beginning with Celine and Lee. Showing that enemies to lovers romance is my goal for this book more than anything else.
    Jacob, the Water Element I bring into this book and feature in book 3, is getting upgraded. When I originally finished this book I didn't know Jacob as I do now. Highlighting him more and the person he truly is, is another big part of this rewrite. I haven't got that far yet but the ideas are truly flowing for him.
    Book 3 and 4 will also go through rewrites but they will not be as extensive as the first two. I might be changing my mind when I get to it but I truly love how they play out from beginning to end. Of course there are some great places I want to work on in them but the stories will stay as is.
    Many of you have an interest in Brier, the broken element that left this series. I have made big plans for him and his story will be coming out in September, just two years after book 1's release. I'm taking it in a whole new way that I think you will enjoy and though Brier is connected to The Elemental Chronicles, his story will be all his own.
    Some of the characters from the series will be appearing like Queen Elizabeth and Fin who will have a child. Jacob and Lee will be apart of this adventure also the Mages, Sara and Alice. It is shaping up to be one of my best stories yet and I know you will love it. I think it will be one of my favorites I have written. I'll share more of it in the coming months with some previews just for you.
    Love By Three Series is a contemporary set of reverse harems.
    Book 1- The Water Princess, Claiming of Earth. Click Here!
    Book 2- The Stolen Princess, Taken by Fire. Click Here!
    Book 3- The Rising Queen, Discovery of Water. Click Here!
    Book 4- The Elemental Queen, Freedom in Wind. Click Here!
    The Fifth Element, Brier's Story. Preorder Now!
    Short Blurb
    I knew the situation between the miners and station management was bad. Really, really bad, actually, but even so, I was unprepared for anyone to be stupid enough to begin an uprising with freaking projectile weapons on a space station! That was when I went from worried to downright panicked. Luckily, I managed to reach a life pod before everything went BOOM. Unfortunately, my troubles didn’t end there as, of course, the universe decided it wasn’t done messing with me.
    Read more about this from my website!
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    First, my parents tell me I’m going to be “checking into the Red Roof Inn” every month, and now, they tell me I’m a werewolf?!

    Add to that I need to pick a mate and enter into some wolfy marriage—NOPE.

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    Your favorite fairytales, reimagined.
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    By, Zoe Ashwood

    Jinked in Love

    Jinxed in Love is a short prequel novella to the upcoming paranormal Reverse Harem series featuring Nora Moss and her men! 

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    By, Britt Andrews 
    The Magic of Discovery: Emerald Lakes
    Book 1

    Growing up in Emerald Lakes, population six hundred and eighty-two, had been safe and comfortable. Running my own magic shop and making a living off my green witchcraft, I have no complaints. Sure, there’s my ex, who never understood the word ‘no’, but there’s also the lovable and eccentric townspeople who feel more like one huge extended family, and let’s not forget my boy-crazed Gran who keeps us all on our toes.

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    A fake relationship, an avalanche and a wedding - what could possibly go wrong?

    Sally Wilkins is content with her life. As the town doctor's receptionist and a large group of friends, she wants for nothing. But to her mother, she's a constant disappointment because she isn't in a relationship. Theresa Wilkins will go to any length to find her daughter the perfect husband, Russian mail order grooms, included!

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    By J.E. Cluney
    A fated mates paranormal romance

    Hunting monsters is my job. Toying with them is just a bonus. Too bad it always ends with them dead.
    But when I find four men at my door wanting to kill me for crimes against innocents, my whole world is flipped on its head.
    Four hot supes? Check.
    Life taking an interesting turn? Duh.
    Throw it all in a blender? Why not?

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    By, Jewels Arthur
    The Infernal Blade
    Book 2
    Love. Steam. Murder.

    What happens when the killers become the targets?


    My mates and I had everything figured out. Well... mostly. We had each other, at least, and the first place I have ever truly felt at home.


    Now we are fugitives, and the group of assassins we belong to—the Infernal Blade—is targeting us.

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    By Tabitha Barrett
    Dahlia (Spell Library. Book 5)

    I was always told little girls are supposed to draw pictures of rainbows and unicorns, so when I started drawing stranger things, people acted as if something was wrong with me. They didn't know I was having visions of the past, present, or even the future. As I got older, I tried to ignore what I could do. Instead of embracing my abilities, I became a tattoo artist who gave people the tattoo they never knew they wanted.
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    Don't forget Genie, the first to release from the Claimed by Three Series!

    Nothing ever happens in a genie lamp.

    I get my kicks watching the parallel worlds that I am thrown in and out of as I serve my masters. All their wishes are the same. Wealth. Power. Fame. I give it to them and move on because my freedom is never their wish.


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