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Arrow's Wind

A Menage Romance

Loves Healing Touch

For five years, I have let my haunted past keep me in the shadows of the city, but that ends today. Today, I am leaving and striking out on my own to build a new life for myself in the peace of the mountains. I am going it alone until I discover that Arrow, my brother’s friend, has followed me.

Arrow knows of my past, and he has never stepped over the boundaries I have set with men, so I let him join me. Yet, the nightmares from my past never go away. They continuously feed my fears of getting close to any man, including Arrow.

On our journey, we stumble across the path of the Dream Walker. With his whispers, I give in to his charms, hoping they will heal me. Night after night, he visits, taking my nightmares away, and I find myself falling in love with him. But he isn’t real.

Arrow, however, is real. He has always stood by me, and although he pushes me at times, no man has ever made me feel so safe. I want to give in to love and a future I never saw for myself. To do so, I will have to face my past once and for all.

This book deals with the challenges a woman may face after an attack by rape.There is a brief reflection of the act that is shown in a dream state. This story was written in the perspective of overcoming emotional fears, self-doubt, and having the support of loved ones to help see you through.

A short sample from Arrow.
“Jenna, I know something isn’t right for you and my weapon.” I breathe. “To me, it comes naturally, and when I watch you, I see a perfect form, an excellent shot, a sure stand. But as soon as you let it go, the arrow changes paths.” I don’t know how she is going to respond to this, but here goes nothing. “You have a tic somewhere in that last moment, and I need to feel it. I need to be close to you, Jenna. I can find it, and this will all become easier, but you have to trust me. Can you trust me?”
The question has such a double meaning, and I wonder if she doesn’t pick up on it. I wait for her response, hoping to be thrown a lifeline. If she says yes, we have made progress, but if she says no… I don’t know what.
“Then touch me.”
The sound of those words coming from her gives me all the hope I need. I need her to understand what I am asking. “I’m not talking about a brush of my hand. I need to get close and in your face. Are you sure you can handle that?”
“I think so,” she says, looking down. “I was close to you earlier when I cut your hair.”
“But we weren’t touching,” I remind her. I am very much aware of how close we were, and apparently, she felt it too.
“We will never know unless I try,” she tells me. “If I can’t handle it, I will step away.”
“Turn around then,” I tell her, and she does. I step up behind her, not touching, and take the hand that she holds my bow in, lifting it. “Position your arrow and pull it back.”
She does, and her position is solid as it always is. It is in that last second that the arrow flies in a different direction. I step closer and lean down to her face as I touch her hand. Suddenly she releases the arrow, and it goes flying.
“Sorry, it slipped,” she mumbles. I don’t move as I slip another arrow out of my case and offer it to her.
“Line it back up.” She does, and this time when I lean closer and take her hand, she doesn’t flinch. I adjust her aim, bring it back, and tilting it up slightly. “Breathe, Jenna, and relax.”
I feel her intake of breath and do so myself, smelling her fresh hair and stifle the moan of pleasure being this close to her. Looking down at the arrow, I see it is lined up perfectly. “Look at the sight. See how it is lined up?”
“Y-Yes,” she stutters.
“This is your sight you must line up with,” I tell her, taking my hand and showing her at the tip. I bring my hand back and square her shoulders, and it brings us closer together. “Like your arrow, your stance has to be just as straight.”
I can’t help but breathe her in one more time before I whisper to her, “Release.”
She does and almost hits the target dead center. “I hit it!” She turns to me and smiles brightly. “I hit the target!”
I step back. The spark in Jenna tempts me to pull her near again. “Good. Now, do it again.”
Her smile fades as she looks at the target again and back to me. I see a blush come into her face as she asks. “Would you mind showing me again? So I know I have it right.”
I get a sense that she enjoyed being close to me, but I am not sure. I nod, and this time she turns and steps back into my arms, much more willing this time. I hand her another arrow, and she lines it up. As I look at her sight, I swear she is leaning into me. She isn’t afraid of me, and I can tell because of the scent in the surrounding air. It excites me she feels an attraction to me, as well.
“You’re not breathing again,” I whisper close to her ear; the pull to be more with her teasing me to do so. “Release.”
The arrow goes flying, and I am sure it hits the target but am paying it no mind. Jenna doesn’t move from me this time as she lowers the bow, her breathing a little more labored now, “I hit it again.”
I pull another arrow and hold it in front of her. “Do it again.”
This time as she lines it up, I remove my hands from her arms and touch her at her waist. I don’t help her at all this time; if anything, I am a distraction. She leans heavily into me, and I can’t get over how good she feels. Every one of my senses is heightened, and I can’t help the call inside me as seduction takes me over, and I blow on her neck.
She groans as she lets the arrow fly; her head falls back on me. I realize what I have done too late and remove her from me. She stumbles slightly but catches herself as I fight to keep myself in control. “Try it on your own now.”
She is stunned by my sudden removal, but I can’t help it. I used my seduction on her for a second time. I am using my power on her, not meaning to, but it just keeps coming out.
I don’t think she realizes what I have done, but the heat in her eyes is there. I must look away before I do something; she is not ready for more, and I hold out another arrow to her, and she takes it as she shakes her head and pulls it back.
I want her to explore her attraction and feel the urge and desire, but not under my influence. It is important to me that her healing comes naturally for her and in its own time.
I watch as she focuses and breathes in and releases the arrow. Her aim is true as she hits the target, but not dead center. “I think you got it.”
“It looks like I do,” she says, looking back at me. I can see she is curious about me, and I don’t know what to do with it.
“One more, and we are done,” I tell her, giving her the last arrow. I watch her shoot, seeing nothing wrong with her stance now, and she hits the target again. She had been recoiling upon release just enough to make her aim off-center. She did it the first time, but when she was leaning against me, her release was smooth.
Maybe she will make an excellent shot yet. My bow is large, and I think I will make her a smaller one. I have been planning to, and now that things are in order around here, I can.
“You have been holding back in your release,” I tell her. “Don’t try to control the shot, just let it go.”
She nods and hands me back my bow. “I have a pot of stew ready at the house if you are hungry.”
“I am.” Starving. My thoughts think of feasting on her, laid back on the table. The wind swirls around us, and I tamper down the seduction I feel in it. I have held back these feelings for so long, and I am growing concerned about my ability to control my primary powers.
All I want to do is see how far she will let us take this attraction. I fear we may be moving too fast as these feelings from her are all new. I need to give her time to think about this.
“With some fresh bread, and I even made an apple pie.”
“It all sounds fantastic.” Not nearly as fantastic as you will be. Seriously, I need to stop thinking about tasting her.

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